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Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. is founded on its Corporate By-Laws, 2012 Business Plan, Vision Statements and its Purpose, Principles and Values. All that we do is driven through our Passion and Purpose in bringing the American Cowgirl and the western way of life to the World. To ensure the future of our Corporation, we have a strategic plan for all of our Corporate decision making for each of our directives and initiatives built upon four pillars for our Corporate Sustainability. These four pillars will support our Corporate Governance.
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Pillar 1 - structure for the longevity of the corporation
Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. is driven by its own standards for economic growth through a dedicated Leadership Team that is self directed through the Vision of the Corporation. Through sustainable development focused on the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations, we will build upon the original Vision. business management to meet the needs of our consumers and our internal aspirations for growth. The Corporation has founded its Tier 1 Organization Structure with clear rotational guidelines and responsibilities in the event of Leadership changes through retirement or unforeseen circumstances. We will continue to build our Tier 2 Leaders as new initiatives are rolled out. Our Leadership is driven by their passion to deliver innovation and unique consumer products that encompasses the ever broad western culture lifestyles of the Cowgirls that will be embraced by all cultures and societal groups including both rural and urban communities. WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO OUR CONSUMERS THROUGH STRATEGIC PLANNING AND EXECUTION THROUGH THE EXCELLENCE OF OUR LEADERSHIP
Pillar 2 - OUR PHILOSOPHY Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. is dedicated to making an impact on our society through our benevolent support of organized charity groups.  Our Corporation, in its determination to be a role model as an American Company, will set aside ten percent of the Corporation’s net profits with direct donations to the organizations listed on our In The Hearts of the Changemakers page on this website.  The strategy model that has been created begins with our Leadership Team and with each one of our 25 American Cowgirls, to represent our Corporation as Ambassadors to each of the groups listed.  Each Ambassadorship is shared with their own belief statement for supporting that organization. Each Charity organization represented by our Ambassadors will have a mission statement dedicated to the improvement of lives with their purposes to improve the lives of women, children, families,  the protection and preservation of wildlife.and also to provide additional support to athletes in the western way of life who lost their livelihoods through serious injury, and also our military families   Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. will also stand in its mandate that ensures that every product that we produce, is MADE IN AMERICA. This will hold true with all our partnering companies that produce or manufacture product lines that carry our Corporate logo and trademark.  Our strong belief in our country’s workforce must be given the opportunity to maintain their livelihoods and for small business to continue to thrive.  We will continue to grow our Leadership levels and dedicate our organization to the empowerment of women.  Our Vision is to be recognized as a Corporation where our Leaders are all Women leading women for the betterment of the lives of women, children and families.    WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE IMPROVEMENT OF LIVES IN OUR SOCIETY THROUGH OUR COMMITTMENT OF GIVING 10% OF OUR CORPORATE PROFITS
Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. is a 100% privately owned Corporation by its Shareholders. We believe in strong relationships with our Shareholders and business associates to meet our corporate business objectives. These relationships will be based on the very fundamental statements within our Vision and Principles and Values and re-emphasizing the building of trust, respect and co-operation for our successes. We also bear the same principles for our corporate stakeholders who boldly believe in our Vision and use our brand trademark to drive up the profitability of our Corporation. Our Shareholders and Stakeholders are represented through our Leadership Team, our 25 American Cowgirls, our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Through this bond, we will develp strong competitive advantages in all of our product launches and initiatives. Our Shareholders will be rewarded with strong yields on dividends and which may also include profit sharing for specified initiatives. Our Corporation was incorporated in December of 2018 and the completion of its registry in June of 2019. It was founded with 10,000 shares. These shares were split between Common and Preferred Shares with 5500 Common and 4500 Preferred Shares. 80% of the Shares are internally owned with 5500 Common Shares by Leadership and the Corporation. Our 25 American Cowgirls own 25% or 2500 Preferred shares of the total Corporate shares in recognition for their committment to the American Cowgirls Project. The Corporation will hold 2000 Preferred Shares or 20% of the shares for securing capital equity for funding new initiatives in the short term. It is our mandate to only release 500 shares in one offering to private investors as required for the needs of the Corporation. We will make our first private offering of preferred shares in the third quarter of 2022. The first offering of these shares will establish the set point of the price per share and will be maintained until the first 500 shares are sold. In the future, if and when the Corporation requires capital funding, the set point price of each block of 500 shares will double in each offering. For further details, please visit the Investors Page on our website. Our Corporate mandate will be to maintain 10,000 shares with no future issuances. This will maximize the dollar return on dividends per share. A LETTER FROM OUR PRESIDENT - GABRIEL KREKK “ I am so driven with our Purpose to deliver incredible yield returns to our Shareholders through dividends and profit sharing, that I will take no salary or pay. My only rewards will come through dividend yield. It is my undaunted goal to achieve a 20% yield within the next five years. My belief is that my success is measured by the success of our Corporation. The two are inseparable. I will look to eliminate obstacles and barriers to our success and will see into the infinite possibilites for growth, so that one day not too far into the future, I will hold my word true. I will personally know twenty-five millionaire American Cowgirls because they believed in my Vision ” Gabriel Krekk President Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. OUR ACCOUNTABILITY IS TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS AND STAKEHOLDERS AND WE WILL DRIVE ALL BUSINESS DECISIONS TO MAXIMIZE PROFITABILITY WITH EXCEPTIONAL RETURNS THROUGH DIVIDENDS.
Pillar 4 - OUR accountability
Gabriel Krekk’s AMERICAN COWGIRLS INC. has recruited a strong and dynamic Leadership Team in leading compliance to the Vision of the Corporation. Our Leaders hold themselves accountable for meeting all current and future goals, initiatives, and objectives. We will embrace Risk Management with a positive outlook and outcome. We will accomplish this through our focus on our 5 areas of Accountability. a) PURPOSE - We will create and maintain a dedicated work environment that is empowering each individual to deliver excellence for achieving goals and reporting on project progress and results. We will ensure that we follow the guidelines of our Vision, Purpose, Principles and Value Statements. b) PEOPLE - Our People are our most valuable and important resources. We believe that through our innovative and collaborative structure, we will work through barriers being fearless and fully understanding the risks of objectives. All of our Leadership Team, American Cowgirls and Associates will feel valued, safe and cared about. c) PASSION - We will base all of our business decisions that are built on the passion to represent the American Cowgirl. Every Leadership Team individual will have a continual focus on performance that improves morale and upholds integrity and our ethics standards. d) PROGRESSION - We will focus on continuous improvement of each individual, providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure that their performance goals are achieved. We will support our Leaders by rewarding performance at higher levels and reach back to support those that are struggling to rebuild their expectations for success. We will ensure that everyone is contributing to the Corporation’s success e) PRIVACY - We will be a Corporation that adheres to our Corporate By-Laws, Business Plans and internal Privacy guidelines. It is imperative that each Leader maintain their integrity to the Corporation in releasing information to the public or in private in respect to all initiatives, strategies, test plans or future objectives. We believe that maintaining our Privacy pact, we will gain sales advantages over our competitors as we move to launch our new initiatives. We will uphold Privacy at all costs to protect the interests and financial rewards to our Shareholders. WE WILL EMBRACE ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH OWNERSHIP STRATEGIES AND TASKS SO THAT WE WILL ATTAIN OUR ORGANIZATIONAL & FINANCIAL GOALS.
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