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Constance Bryant is the Vice President and (CFO) Chief Financial Officer for Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. Connie brings her long career in education with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Latin, a Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and an Education Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology. She also brings finance experience as the co-owner of Tara Music Center where she handled the business finances, payroll, accounts payable and receivables. Her knowledge of the English language and her attention to detail, has contributed to the rewriting of our Corporation’s Business Plan, Corporate By Laws and other relevant official Corporate documentation that is integral to running the Corporation. Connie will manage all Corporate finances and strategically position the Corporation to achieve financial responsibility to our Shareholders and to deliver cost analysis for all new initiatives. Although Connie enjoys beach views from her Florida gulf coast home, she has a deep affinity for the sunny skies of Arizona. She will be the trusted advisor and strategic partner to the CEO, helping to shape the future of Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. Connie will report directly to the President and manage all of his monthly scheduling.
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Gabriel Krekk is the President for Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. In 1978, fresh out of the Architectural studies at Loyalist College, he established the Architectural Design and Drafting Company Remcon Technical Services. He sold his business in December 1982 and began his long career with Procter & Gamble in January of 1983. His corporate career would be diverse beginning in manufacturing and moving into career plans in Project Engineering, CADD Leader, HR as Communications Leader and finishing his final 7 years in Beauty Care as the Technical Packaging Leader. His final year he would take on a dual role as Process Leader for Olay Daily Facials operations. He would take an early retirement in April 2014 after a 31 year career, so he could focus on the building of his Vision for the American Cowgirls Project. Gabriel has been an artist the majority of his life and has been a professional Watercolor Artist since the mid 1980s. His original paintings, illustrations and limited editions have worldwide distribution. He also built upon his love for photography that began in his teens, and his images have recieved national recognition and have been carried in numerous publications and magazines in both the United States and Canada. Gabriel’s dynamic leadership style and his proven ability to develop the leadership abilities in others will ensure that the Vision for the American Cowgirls Corporation will remain at the forefront.
gabriel krekk our leadership team ambassador for breast cancer for banner md anderson cancer center gilbert - arizona
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I stand in support with this Center in honor of my wife Nancy, who underwent treatment at Banner in her courageous battle with breast cancer. In those three years of supporting her, I witnessed the faces of thousands of women who shone the light of hope in their own journeys to someday ring the Freedom Bell. The staff and administration at Banner are world class who make every individual patient feel special and well tended to in their treatment. I will support their mission for the healing love that they create and for contributing to the saving of precious lives. I will support them in memory of my wife, Nancy Duncan.
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I firmly stand with this organization in honor of my late husband Troy, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2017. Lustgarten Foundation is the largest private funder of pancreatic cancer research, and 100% of every dollar that is raised goes directly to research. By giving, I am committed to being a part of the cure.
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THESE ARE THE tier 2 leadership Directors WE LOOK TO ADD in 2022/23
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American Cowgirls Inc. is excited and honored to announce that Renee Gibison has been named the Chief Executive Officer and will assume her Tier 1 Leadership Team role effective July 1, 2022. Renee will continue to maintain her role as Chief Design Officer (CDO) for the Phase 3 development.. Renee’s relevant experience is diverse and extensive having first begun her graphics design career hand-lettering and airbrushing yachts, motorcycles, and race cars in Washington State. This progressed into the use of digital arts where Renee became fluent in the use of all major graphics software programs. Her design talent is an extension of her passion for photography where her focus is on naturescapes and wildlife. After relocating to Arizona in 1998, Renee worked with two graphics design companies before venturing out to start her own business. As the former owner and operator of Vehicle Tattooing LLC, she made a name for herself as one of the few women-owned graphics companies. She did everything from logo designs and websites to printing and installing custom graphics on emergency vehicles, buses, semi- trailers, cars, motorcycles, buildings and just about anything that would benefit from a unique design or a custom wrap such as cranial remolding helmets for children. Among her favorite activities are hiking, photography and fine art with pastels. Renee lives an active lifestyle that compliments her leadership role with American Cowgirls. While in Washington State she was the proud owner of an Arabian show horse, Sienna’s Silk Rose, and has always felt most comfortable around animals of all kinds. Her father did rodeo as a young man and perhaps some of that dirt rubbed off on her! She lives with her husband, Fred, and their two rescue German Shepherds Savana and Beren where they all enjoy Arizona’s almost year-round outdoor living. Renee’s past work experience coupled with her artistry are invaluable assets to the Corporation in rolling out Phase 3 of our business plan and developing our product line displays. Renee is empowered to lead all current and future design requirements by working directly with our manufacturing suppliers on our product line designs and packaging, raw material and substrate specifications and retail display units. She will also be responsible for all computer and printer system acquisitions and will establish the onboarding of her design team at the appropriate time. Renee fully endorses our Corporate Mission that everything we produce will be made in America. She is already applying her creativity and design skills to re- imagine our Corporate brand identifiers. This will quickly expand into modernizing our website and information systems. Renee will report directly to the President and work closely with all members of our Leadership Team to bring to life the Vision of what American Cowgirls represents.
renee gibison our leadership team ambassador for the salt river wild horse management group
I support this non-profit organization for their dedication, integrity and compassion in proper management of the Salt River wild horses. As a local resident, I have often photographed the majesty and freedom these horses embody. The wonderment and joy of seeing a foal dance across the river, the peace of watching the herd graze on the hillsides and the elegance of the stallion should be not lost or forgotten. With Arizona being one of the last states with wild horses, preserving this herd for generations to come provides a tangible connection to our past, present and future.
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We are so proud to have Shell Abbott in her role as the Secretary to the Corporation. Shell brings a wealth of experience in managing her own business in raising and selling her purebred German Shepherds. She also works with her husband Russ in helping manage his Company, which is one of the most sought after painting companies in the region. In working in both the pet industry and healthcare fields, she believes that there is something magical that happens in the connection between humans and animals. She exemplifies this abiliity in providing many dog owners with her specialized training practices. Shell is a born and raised Arizona Cowgirl and was brought on to the American Cowgirls Team in 2014 as American Cowgirl #2. She will give the Leadership a strong direction to ensure that our American Cowgirls are well represented in our decision making processes. Being one of the first Cowgirls in the line-up, she is very proud to be on the Team as she has watched the Project grow over the years since its beginnings. Shell spends the majority of her time on the ranch working with her horses and her dogs. She enjoys her leisure time outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, and training for marathons. Spending time in the outdoors allows her more time with her animals, and also to share quiet time with God. In her role as Secretary to the Corporation, Shell will be responsible for the organization structure of the Leadership Team meetings, the annual Board meeting, sending out meeting notices, keeping minutes and maintaining records. She will also be responsible for the mailings of the Corporate Annual Shareholder Statements. The Secretary will report directly to the President with primary reporting to the CEO and to the CFO. Please visit Shell’s page on our website as American Cowgirl #2 for more information on her life as an American Cowgirl.
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I also stand in support of the Folds of Honor through a $50 donation from the sale of each limited edition print of “ Seamus Casey - The Dream of 13” on behalf of Seamus Casey. Please visit www.gabrielkrekk.com to view.