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The whole concept of American Cowgirls is based on one criteria. " You must be a REAL Cowgirl". That simply means that everything about the Cowgirl will be genuine and authentic. As I move to the photoshoot locations as a Photographer with each Cowgirl, the imaging that will be captured will be authentic. As the Artist in search of one image from the photoshoots which will capture the essence of that Cowgirl within her life is paramount to the whole project. My definition of a REAL cowgirl for this project comes from my own clear understanding through my experiences in and around the lives of Cowgirls. If you are confident that you can provide excellent answers to all of these listed requirements, then follow the next steps in the process.
how to apply to become one of gabriel Krekk’s american cowgirls
1. You must own one or more horses on your family ranch or farm where horses are being raised. 2. You provide love and care for your horse(s) on a daily basis. 3. You are a proven confident rider and the Cowgirl lifestyle is the majority of your every day life. 4. You own tack and western riding gear and have the capability of moving your horse(s) with a trailer. 5. You possess one strong quality or trait that you feel sets you apart from other Cowgirls. 6. You have no issues with being photographed and are capable of several consecutive full days of photoshoots. Please list any previous photoshoots that you may have in your portfolio. 7. You can express yourself effectively in front of a large group people and you are willing to do radio and television interviews when required. Please list at least one good example of your public speaking presentations, radio or televison experiences, 8. You have reviewed and understand " The Vision " of this project which is located on its own page on this website. You can express your personal alignment to our Vision.
Express your interest to A Project LEADER. This can be done in one of two ways. a) Email Gabriel Krekk at Copy and paste the 8 criteria items above into your email and then provide as much information to each statement as possible and how you comply to each item. The more information that you can provide to support each item will make the assessment easier to complete. If you are not a friend with the Artist on Facebook, you may Attach 3 jpg files...low resolution ( less than 2mb) to your email or you may go to item b) below. These three photos should include 1 full face image, 1 riding image and one that may be a specialty shot that supports your perception of a strong quality or trait that you have. Please include in your submission, the City and State where you currently reside. b) Send Gabriel Krekk a friend request on Facebook along with a brief private message that you are interested in becoming an American Cowgirl for this project. Using this level of social media is the simplest method for the completion of your Assessment as the Artist will have access to your profile, your comments and postings and also to your pictures. Respond to the 8 items in the Real Cowgirl Criteria in Step 1 and then email them to the email address noted in a) . You will not be required to attach images to your email. Please note that any information collected on any individual Cowgirl will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality.
Once the Artist has received your submission for consideration, you will receive a Confirmation form letter and your file will be opened. In the Confirmation of Submission, you will be given a window of time when your file will be reviewed. You will only need to submit once. Your file will be reviewed and a complete and fair Assessment will be completed and emailed to you. This will come to you as a 3 page PDF file, with a complete breakdown on your scoring areas. Since each area of the Assessment is based solely on a mathematical score, this will ensure that your Ranking score will be fair and this number will be entered numerically into our Database with all of the other Cowgirl Scores. Your score will remain in the Database for the duration of the Project. If you are approved to move to an interview, a date and time will be selected to conduct a phone interview with you. The initial phone interview could take up to two hours of your time. With the recent round of interviews that were completed for American Cowgirl #24, the average interview time was 62 minutes start to finish. There are 18 questions that you will be asked that will allow us to gather enough data to give us an overall picture of who you are as a Cowgirl. A Second Interview has been introduced for the final two positions on our Line-up. You will be notified within a week after your first interview if you will be moving forward to the Second interview.
After the second interview, a decision will be made within two weeks if you will be offered a spot in the line-up. You will be contacted by text for a confirmation time for a call and offered to join the American Cowgirls Team with the next available number assignment such as American Cowgirl # 24. Upon the Cowgirl's acceptance, a date will be set up for the photoshoots, which in a perfect process would be within 6 months after your acceptance of offer. The photography will be done in your region and the planning for the shoots will be sensitive to both the Cowgirl’s schedule and to the Photographer’s travel itinerary. Photoshoots will range from 3 to 5 days with the objective of collecting a minimum of 3000 images including the Preshoot. Allowance of two extra days to expand from the initial 3 days is set in place in the event that weather conditions will have a direct impact on the length of a day’s photoshoots or may simply be cancelled. The first day of the Photoshoot wil be more focused on portraiture as the Cowgirl becomes comfortable with the Photographer and voice instructions. This will also include an acceptable wardrobe selection, shoot locations determinations and getting to meet the horses and understand their character and disposition. Typical photoshoot days generally take 6 hours of actual photography time. This time is broken into a 3 hour morning shoot and a 3 hour afternoon shoot. There will also be at least one sunset shoot and that will be decided on any of the shoot days. Approximately 20 images from each days shoot will be uploaded to a Facebook Album. Upon completion of the Photoshoots, your Photo images will be taken back to the studio in Arizona. Several backup copies of the complete photoshoots will be made. Approximately two weeks before your painting will begin, you will be notified that the selection process for the image selection for the painting will be starting. This process begins with the review of every image from the shoots, with the best images saved into your Portfolio. Once the portfolio has been created, the selection process begins. You will be notified when the images are down to the top 10. Your input and grading will be important at this point. The highest scoring image will move on to become the painting. After the completion of the painting, the Portfolio images, the Portfolio book along with two signed/numbered/embossed Artist Proof Giclee Prints will be sent to the Cowgirl within a month after the completion of the original painting.
You will recieve a DVD case that will have a Portfolio DVD with the best images from our photoshoots together. The image files are copyright and will be yours to use for personal use with the only requirement that you must acknowledge that the photo credits go to Gabriel Krekk. The quantity of images in the Portfolio DVD has ranged between 600 and 1500 images. You will also be shipped a hard cover 12" x 12" bound portfolio book with up to 200 of the best images from the photoshoots. This portfolio book will range from 25 to 50 pages with the image placement of the images in the book at the discretion of the designer of the book.
gift #1
gift #2
After the completion of the original painting, you will be shipped two full size giclee Artist's Proofs from the original painting which will be the exact size of the original painting. A Giclee is a state of the art reproduction that is used by all major art reproduction houses to reproduce original works of art. Gabriel Krekk’s giclees are reproduced on 100 pound William Turner Hahnemuhle Watercolor paper which makes it almost a perfect match to the original watercolor painting. Each of the giclee’s will be signed and numbered and will have the official Gabriel Krekk embossed seal along with the Certificate of Authenticity.
gift #3
You will recieve a cash amount of 10% of the sale price of the original painting when it is sold and payment of the sold original is paid to the Company. The final payout number will be reduced by expenses for gallery commissions, framing, travelling and shipping expenses which could take up to 80% of the total sale of the original painting. Since the complete collection of the 25 American Cowgirl paintings will be sold in one lot, the final payouts for the 10% will be divided by 25 after the expenses have been taken into account.
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American Cowgirl #7 - Michelle Ally - Texas received her Artist Proof Giclee Prints, 12” x 12” Leather Portfolio Book and her Portfolio images on DVD.
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