I am so honored to announce that Jacqueline Zichichi will be taking on the Chief Executive Officer role for Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc. Her dedication and love for this Project is undeniable, as she has followed it from its grassroots beginning. This is a significant role as Jacque will push the Project into Phase 3, and beyond. I believe in Jacque’s vision and all that she brings to set the American Cowgirls Project to new levels through her resources and connections in every facet of Corporate America. Bringing Jacque onboard will allow more time, as needed, for me to focus on the selection completion process and on-boarding of the final two American Cowgirls, the remaining two photoshoots, the final three paintings, and as I address shifting directions in other areas of the Project. This will also create more time for my other artistic aspirations and to manage my other Company. Jacque will lead in all of the business design, branding and design teams that need more attention, and she will complete the on-boarding of any other roles as they arise. Jacque will be self-directed in the CEO role, aligning with the Vision and the Value Statements of the Corporation. Her integrity and Beliefs are absolute and run parallel to everything that I could possibly define in Truth. The transfer of responsibilities to Jacque began almost a week ago, with the recent brainstorming and envisioning working trip to define the glidepath to success for American Cowgirls. Please welcome Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Zichichi as she has been empowered to take the reins.
Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls Inc.
“…Every day that you awake, be clear in your mind how you want to design your day and what you want to achieve and what you want to feel….and then watch it unfold as you intended.”
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