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american cowgirl # 1 joi-ashli farrar our cowgirl ambassador for st. mary’s
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joi-ashli farrar’s tribute video not yet available on Youtube                      AMERICAN COWGIRL #01 - arizona
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american cowgirl #1 joi-ashli farrar - arizona the eymans ranch
the painting “ American cowgirl #01 - joi ashli - arizona ”
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
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american cowgirl #1 joi-ashli farrar - arizona
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Joi left behind her Ranch outside of Tehachapi, California in 2009 and set off on a new life journey that would lead her to the beautiful city of Maricopa, Arizona. She moved her two horses from California shortly after her arrival to the Eyman Ranch located in Thunderbird farms just south of Maricopa. She continues to complete her daily ranch chores and do her morning rides across the desert trails and the Sierra Estrella Mountains where she truly immerses her self and mind in the Cowgirl way of life.
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joi-ashli farrar was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #01 on march 27, 2013 PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS may 29, 2013 hangin saddle ranch - hidden valley, arizona JANUARY 14, 2014 EYMAN RANCH - THUNDERBIRD FARMS - MARICOPA - ARIZONA december 7, 2015 hidden valley, arizona - joint shoot with american cowgirl #2 The actual image which was THE inspiration for joi ’s painting was taken in hidden valley, arizona
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I was raised in the small and quiet city of Sunland, California just north of Burbank where I was born. Although as a youth, I did not own horses of my own, I took advantage of the numerous riding opportunities that were available at the nearby stables. After starting a family and moving to Bear Valley Springs, California, which is an equine active community, I purchased my first horse which was a two year old breeding stock Paint that I named Lacey. “Understanding that your animals teach you as much (or more) than you teach them - to succeed in your endeavor you must create a partnership and learn that patience really is a virtue.” I give credit to the assistance of my neighbor, Rex Peterson who was a movie and trick horse trainer. for my development as an expert rider. It was a dream come true sharing the dream and passion with my children as we did trail riding through the mountains of the Southern Sierras and also parading and competing together. I have participated in a variety of competitions but I preferred the challenge of the Extreme Ranch Horse Obstacle Race. I have served as a Girl Scout, Cub Scout, Young Womens and 4H Equine leader as well as create youth riding clinics and competitions such as the Ranchito Invitational. I am also a Health Practitioner specializing in BioEnergetic therapies for people and animals. My business has expanded in providing service to individuals worldwide ( In addition I have created WYS Education, Empowerment Programs which has given me the opportunity to deliver seminars at schools and to organizations ( I also my community through the local Maricopa Pantry Food Bank, supported by St. Mary’s Food Bank (
Joi’s thoughts on “ What it means to me to Be an American Cowgirl” Heart, Inner-Strength, Integrity A symbol of inner-power - Able to fall down and and get back up, get knocked down and rise above. To be vulnerable and strong at the same time. Understand that no matter what may have happened throughout your life, no matter where you are now, YOU matter. Knowing that you can dream and dreams do come true!
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