Gabriel Krekk's Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls is the most significant artistic endeavour ever taken on by the Photographer and Watercolor Artist Gabriel Krekk. The project will span several years in the undertaking of doing both his Photography and Watercolor paintings of each of the American Cowgirls before a full Exhibition of his paintings and photographs is secured for a Gallery. To understand the extent of the project for American Cowgirls, please review the Vision page of the website. As photoshoots are completed with an American Cowgirl, images will be posted to their respective page listed on the American Cowgirls button. This will remain consistent with the completion of each of the watercolor paintings. The American Cowgirls Project is now closing in on the three quarters point and the Project has found the attention of multiple media publications. We will provide links to all publications that cover or support any portion of the American Cowgirls project and may be followed under the Media page. For all American Cowgirls that are interested in taking part in this photographic and artistic project, please review the page on “How to become one of Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls.” This will be an amazing project to be a part of and along with the completion of the paintings, each of the American Cowgirl's paintings will live on for future generations to enjoy and remember. All images on Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls website are owned by Gabriel Krekk. No images may be reproduced whole or in part without the written permission of the Artist and Photographer, Gabriel Krekk. Gabriel Krekk’s Photography is all completed with his fleet of Nikon Cameras and Nikkor lenses.
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Nikon is Gabriel Krekk’s Official choice in digital and SLR cameras including Nikkor Lenses and all his camera accessories.
American Cowgirls
Current Project Status: American Cowgirl #21 - Amy Jo Reisdorfer - Wyoming Painting Completed American Cowgirl #22 - Jessica Hendrix of Colorado Image selection for Painting begins mid February Project Timeline: AMERICAN COWGIRLS SELECTED 23 92% AMERICAN COWGIRL PHOTOSHOOTS 23 92% COMPLETED AMERICAN COWGIRL PAINTINGS COMPLETED 21 84% NEXT ROUND OF INTERVIEWS FOR AMERICAN COWGIRLS - TBA April 2020 AMERICAN COWGIRL LINKS
American Cowgirl #1 Joi Ashli Write Your Story
American Cowgirl #5 Sonya Walz Walz Performance Horses
American Cowgirl #2 Shell Abbott Abbott’s German Shepherds
American Cowgirl #3 Hope Sickler Real American Cowboy
American Cowgirl #7 Michelle Alley Down The Alley Performance Horses
American Cowgirl #12 Shea Flanigan Snowy Range Livestock
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