How to become one of Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls
The whole concept of American Cowgirls is based on one criteria. " You must be a REAL Cowgirl". That simply means that every thing about the Cowgirl will be genuine and authentic. As I move to the photoshoot locations as a photographer with each Cowgirl, the imaging that will be captured will be authentic. As the Artist in search of one image from the photoshoots that will capture the essence of that Cowgirl within her life is paramount to the whole project. My definition of a REAL cowgirl for this project comes from my own clear understanding through my experiences in and around the lives of cowgirls. If you are confident that you can answer yes to all of these items on the following list of the REAL Cowgirl requirements, then follow the next steps in the process.
Criteria for REAL American Cowgirl Consideration ( the more information that you provide will help during Assessment)
1. You must own one or more horses or have full access to horses on a family ranch or farm where horses are being raised. 2. You provide love and care for your horse(s) on a regular basis. 3. You are a proven confident rider and you get out on your horse at least a minimum of a weekly basis. 4. You have access to all tack and western riding gear. 5. You possess one strong quality or trait that you feel sets you apart from other cowgirls. 6. You have no issues with being photographed. 7. You can express yourself effectively in front of other people and you are willing to do radio and television interviews if required. 8. You have reviewed and understand " The Vision" of this project which is located on its own page on this website.
Next Steps 1. Express your interest to the Artist. This can be done in one of two ways. a) Email Gabriel Krekk at Copy and paste the 8 criteria items above into your email and then provide as much information to each statement as possible and how you comply to each item. The more information that you can provide to support each item will make the assessment easier for the Artist. Attach 3 jpg files...low resolution ( less than 2mb). These three photos should include 1 full face image, 1 riding image and one that may be a specialty shot that supports your perception of a strong quality or trait that you have. These images will only kept by the Artist for filing purposes and if you are selected as an American Cowgirl, one or more of the images may be used to announce your upcoming photoshoot on social media including on-line magazine postings. Please include in your writing, your generalized you live near and which State as this in important in the ranking process.. b) Send Gabriel Krekk a friend request on Facebook with a brief message that you are interested in becoming an American Cowgirl for this project. Using this level of social media is the simplest method as the Artist will have access to your profile and pictures. Respond to the 8 items in the Real Cowgirl Criteria above and email them to the email address noted in a) . You will not be required to attach images to your email. Please note that any information collected on any individual Cowgirl will be treated with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. 2. Once the Artist has received your submission for consideration, you will receive a Confirmation form letter and your file will be opened. In the confirmation of submission, you will be given a window of time when your file will be reviewed. You only need to submit once. Your file will be reviewed and a complete Assessment will be completed and emailed to you. If you are approved to move to an interview, a date and time will be selected to conduct a phone interview with you. The initial phone interview could take up to an hour of your time. This interview could happen several months from your request date so please be patient since the Artist is following a strategic protocol of.... paintings in progress.... to... photoshoots completed. You will be notified within 2 weeks of the initial phone interview of your status. 3. If the Artist decides that you will be in the line-up after the interview process, the Artist will contact you to offer you a place in the American Cowgirl line-up with a number assignment such as American Cowgirl # 23. You will be asked to go through the section "What does a Gabriel Krekk American Cowgirl recieve" to ensure that you fully understand what you will recieve for participating in this project. 4. Upon the Cowgirl's acceptance, a date will be set-up for the photoshoots, typically up to 6 months in advance of the shoot. The photography will be done in your location and also if you are an events Cowgirl, such as rodeo, the Artist will travel on his own to those events to capture you in action shots. Photoshoots will range from 1 to 5 days with the objective of collecting a minimum of 3000 images including the Preshoot. The Preshoot is the first day introduction between the Artist and the Cowgirl so that the Cowgirl becomes comfortable with the Photographer and voice instructions. This will also include a wardrobe selection, shoot locations and meeting the horses. Photoshoot days may take as little as 2 hours up to 12 hours. A typical day would have 4 hours of photography. Selected images from each daily Photoshoot will be uploaded to Facebook. 5. Upon completion of the Photoshoots, the Artist will return to his studio to begin preparation of selecting the images for the Cowgirl's portfolio and also the image that will be used for his painting of that Cowgirl. This will be completed upon the completion of the previous American Cowgirl Painting. 6. Once the Painting begins, daily uploads of the paintings progress will also be uploaded to a private album in Facebook where there has been a following by a large group of interested individuals.
WHAT DO YOU RECIEVE FOR BEING AN AMERICAN COWGIRL IN THIS PROJECT 1. A beautiful 12" x 12" leather bound portfolio book with up to 125 of the best images from the photoshoots. This portfolio will range from 25 to 40 pages and will be totally based on the Artist's decision on size of each image. Each page of the portfolio may contain from 1 to 12 images. Sample of this portfolio is pictured below as Shell Abbott - American Cowgirl #2 recieves her portfolio.
2. Two Full size giclee Artist's Proofs from the original painting which will be the exact size of the original painting. A Giclee is a state of the art reproduction that is used by all major art reproduction houses to reproduce original works of art. Gabriel Krekk’s giclees are reproduced on 100 pound Hahnemuhle Watercolor paper which makes it almost a perfect match to the original watercolor painting. Each of the giclee’s has the Gabriel Krekk embossed seal and is signed by the Artist. The image below is of Joi Ashli - American Cowgirl #1 recieving her Artist Proof Giclee.
.3. and finally.....You will recieve a cash amount of 10% of the sale price of the original painting when it is sold and payment of the sold original is paid to the Artist. This percentage is based on gallery commissions, framing, travelling and shipping expenses which could take up to 80% of the total sale of the original painting. What does it cost you to become a Gabriel Krekk American Cowgirl Zero!!! Not a penny! The only requirement on your part as one of Gabriel Krekk’s American Cowgirls is your time to do interviews, planning, the preshoot, the photoshoots, follow-up meetings and to respond to any notifications that you recieve from Gabriel Krekk by way of communications.