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american cowgirl #20 hannah kaufman - missouri our cowgirl ambassador for
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american cowgirl #20 hannah kaufman - missouri kaufman PERFORMANCE HORSES
the painting “ American cowgirl #20 - hannah kaufman - missouri”
Lana’s tribute video coming soon after completion of her painting.
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american cowgirl #20 hannah kaufman - missouri
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hannah kaufman’s tribute video on Youtube AMERICAN COWGIRL #20
HANNAH KAUFMAN was on-boarded into the line-up as American Cowgirl #20 on july 12, 2016. PHOTOSHOOT DATES LOCATIONS August 3, 2016 ROMEY RANCH - HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA August 2, 3, 2018 ROMEY RANCH - HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA OCTOBER 7, 2019 KAUFMAN RANCH - RUSSELLVILLE, MISSOURI The actual image which was THE inspiration for HANNAH’s painting was taken at the ROMEY RANCH in HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA.
I was born and raised on a ranch where I grew up helping with day to day operations. In fact I didn’t go to kindergarten because I helped my dad calve out heifers! I also assisted my parents with colt starting and horsemanship clinics since I was 14 years old. After graduating college with a photography degree I moved to Missouri where I continued to stay immersed in the horse industry and now train performance barrel horses full time. My ranch is just outside of Russellville Missouri and which I refer to as my 10 acres of Paradise! The best part is my moms ranch is just down the road so I can always go to her for her wealth of horsemanship knowledge. Staying close to my roots, I believe foundation and horsemanship are key to success with my horses. I have traveled the country from Minnesota to California competing and putting on clinics! One of my favorite places to visit is South Dakota where I can both compete at futurities and ride on my friends ranches! As you can tell from a lot of my photoshoot images, it is a piece of heaven on earth. One of my more exiting horsemanship clinic adventures was when a group of “Hawaii Bettys” got a government grant for me to fly out to Kauii ! Not only did we build relationships with horses and fine tune barrel racing skills, but I got to eat Poke bowls, ride a horse on the beach, and go on an extreme boating tour where I saw dolphins and whales in the ocean. This will become an annual event and will hopefully include other islands. My love and passion for training and teaching has opened up some amazing opportunities that’s for sure! I am in truly in my element on the back of a horse! To be a part of the American Cowgirl Project is such a huge honor and responsibility! Cowgirls are special when they follow their dreams. I am truly blessed to represent such a pure and special way of life!
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Hannah shares her cowgirl life as a barrel horse/futurity trainer
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