The Vision for Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls In developing any project, there must be a clearly defined destination with a detailed path on how to arrive. American Cowgirls is both a Photographic and Artistic journey that will lead to a major Art exhibition in 2020 or 2021 pending completion of the paintings. This will require 25 original watercolor paintings to be completed by the Artist. As of August 5th, 2019 , 19 Paintings have been completed, with the goal of 3 more paintings in 2019 and the final 3 paintings in early 2020. The goal of this project has been to confirm through our selection process, 25 Real American Cowgirls from across the United States with a good cross section from as many different States as possible. Flexibility will be maintained and reassessed at the halfway point of the project. Preliminary goal was to have a maximum of 4 Cowgirls from any specific State but with only 3 remaining Cowgirls to be added into the line-up, this goal will no longer be followed. Currently there are 22 Official American Cowgirls in the line-up. The Remaining 3 spots will be filled by September of 2019. These 25 American Cowgirls will remain with the project in all future endeavors associated with this Project. There is an established protocol on the selection process which is outlined on the page in this website on “ HOW to become one of Gabriel Krekk's American Cowgirls.” Once a commitment is made to accept a Cowgirl into the line-up, the Artist will get to understand the life of the new Cowgirl. This will be accomplished by embedding himself into her life for a short period of time during the photoshoots. This will be so important as the Artist tries to identify with everything he knows about her so that he may capture his observations during the photoshoots and even more importantly when he is behind his board creating the painting of that Cowgirl. Each cowgirl will undergo a complete photoshoot in her environment or within her specialty field with the photoshoots taking up to 3 days to complete with the objective of collecting a minimum of 3,000 images. The photoshoots will have two specific purposes which includes focus on portraiture for the Cowgirl's portfolio and the other to secure one or more images that the Artist feels inspired enough to paint.